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"Expunging" Convictions & Appeals

Clearing Your Criminal Record · Appealing the Court's Decision

A conviction is a stain on your criminal record. It can affect your employment, loan eligibility, housing and schooling. However, if you have been convicted of a crime, you have the right to seek post-conviction relief.

At the Law Offices of Matthew H. Green in Tucson, Arizona, we handle expungements, or "set-asides," in Arizona state courts and appeals in both the state and federal courts. We understand how a conviction can negatively impact your career, job possibilities and goals.  Our goal is to explore all available possibilities to clear your criminal record so you can move on with your life. For our non-citizen clients, our objective is simple: we try to avoid your deportation.

Experienced Arizona Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers

With post-conviction relief, it is possible to have your prior conviction or guilty plea vacated or removed. This process is designed to help people convicted of certain crimes put their past mistakes behind them and live more productive lives, without the burden of an active conviction on their record.

Once your criminal record is expunged, vacated, or set aside, you can usually fill out an application for employment without having to admit that you have an active conviction for a crime. To apply for expungement or a set aside, you must have fulfilled the terms of your probation or sentence and been discharged by the Court. Certain convictions are not eligible for expungement or set asides.

To learn if your criminal record qualifies for expungement or "set-aside", call our office at (520) 882-8852 or (877) 882-8852.

Knowledge of the Appeals Process

If you have been convicted of a crime or are a non-citizen who was denied a green card, naturalization or visa, you may have the right to appeal the court's or the immigration agency's decision and seek a more favorable result.

At the Law Offices of Matthew H. Green, we handle:

  • Immigration appeals
  • Criminal appeals

We have in-depth understanding of the legal process and how to build strong cases. Whether or not we represented you at trial, we will handle your appeal.

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Having an experienced Arizona attorney handle your expungement or appeal will help ensure your case is handled accurately and effectively. Contact us online or call us locally at (520) 882-8852 or toll free at (877) 882-8852 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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